Film Commissions

Courtesy of Orkney Library and Archive.

Margaret Tait commemorated with ten new film commissions from international talents and Scotland-based filmmakers.

We are pleased to premiere the Margaret Tait 100 film commissions on 18 and 19 August 2019 at CCA Glasgow, free tickets bookable now here.

Ten new short films have been commissioned to celebrate the life, legacy, attitude or approach of Scotland’s filmmaking pioneer Margaret Tait.

The first five artists and filmmakers selected were: filmmaker and curator Ute Aurand; multi-award-winning director and critic Mark Cousins; artist, filmmaker and musician Luke Fowler; author Ali Smith with filmmaker Sarah Wood; and curator and filmmaker Peter Todd.

Of the ten commissions, five more were drawn from a competitive national open call process. The further five artists and filmmakers are: Alexander Storey Gordon; Matt Hulse; Wendy Kirkup with composer Richy CareyMorag McKinnon; and Catherine Street.

The five successful open call proposals were selected by a panel comprising Dr Sarah Neely (Director, Margaret Tait 100), Nicole Yip (Director, LUX Scotland), Ben Cook (Director, LUX), Andrew Parkinson (Curator, Pier Arts Centre) and John Archer (Producer, Hopscotch Films).

The kind of cinema I care about is at the level of poetry—in fact—it has been in a way my life’s work making film poems – Margaret Tait